Welcome to the private homepage of Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Austria, Europe. Willkommen auf der privaten Homepage von Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Österreich.

Since there’s a growing community of YAPB-Users maintaining and posting on beautiful photoblogs, it was only a matter of time until the first YAPB-Ready WordPress themes would appear. Beside of creating some themes on my own (just need some time for that), my intention is to publish links to all available YAPB-ready-themes on this page:

YAPB Ready WordPress Themes


Author: Mac
Page: http://mac.defx.de/grain-theme
Preview: http://www.defx.de/
Type: Classical photoblog, dark

The first released YAPB theme: Grain. A very nice classical photoblog theme with a homepage presenting the latest image. Does have an image-mosaic feature (like my one ;-) ). Very straight layout accenting the image and not distracting the visitors eye through graphical tinsel. I do highly recommend it.


Author: Fran Simó
Page: http://pht.inhubi.com/
Preview: http://justpictures.es/
Type: Base Theme, dark

The second theme i’ve found: The phT Theme from Fran Simó. According to the author it’s a base theme that you can take to develop your own style.


Author: Kim Nørgaard
Page: http://blog.jasen.dk/monolit
Preview: http://blog.jasen.dk
Type: Classical photoblog, bright

The third theme in the collection: Monolit from Kim Nørgaard. I do like light and straight themes very much – A pitty it doesn’t support exif. Nevertheless a very nice theme for photographers. Thumbs up!


Author: Dave
Page: http://xyloid.org/projects/reflection/
Preview: http://photoblog.xyloid.org/
Type: Classical photoblog, dark

This one will get some attention for sure: Reflection by dave. Pro: Very nice and clear dark theme pimped up with stylish JavaScript reflections. Con: Doesn’t look exactly the same in IE as stated out on daves todo list. Maybe someone out there helping him with that small issue?


Author: Daniel O’Connor
Page: http://dodesign.us/design/elegance/
Preview: here
Type: Classical photoblog, light gray

A very straight and elegant photoblog theme: Elegance.  The theme is presenting the latest image in a modern web 2.0 style.


Author: Squarefour
Page: http://blog.squarefour.net/2009/05/28/introducing-new-wordpress-photoblog-theme/
Preview: here
Type: Magazine style home, Classical photoblog single page

Fresh new idea to present photos: A magazine-style homepage featuring some images – If you click on them, you land on a classical photoblog page featuring the single image. I like that idea very much!

You have a YAPB-Ready-Theme?

Just drop a note to the forum or a comment to this page and i’ll include it in the list.
Please make sure to include the used version of YAPB with your templates .zip so users may even use it if i’d decide to implement big changes in newer versions.

Happy photoblogging!

Fourty Nine Replies

  1. 4. June 2007, 15:00
    Comment by a.erol
    thanks for the nice templates. will try and see...
  2. 11. June 2007, 14:56
    Comment by Winspire
    Great them /layout your using..what is it?

    Regards Winspire.
    • 29. June 2007, 07:52
      Comment by Johannes
      It's a custom handmade template.
  3. 4. July 2007, 05:49
    Comment by jon kobeck
    I am having trouble downloading the themes and YAPB plug in. I have a mac and a pc. How can I download it to the mac? I cant open a zip file with my mac, and if I download it with my pc, how to i then upload it to my wordpress site? Do I open the file and save it somewhere? Please help
    • 4. July 2007, 08:09
      Comment by Johannes

      I'm surely no macpro, but maybe this link helps?


      Have a look at the fourth position.

    • 28. March 2008, 20:23
      Comment by Dan
      You can use Mac to uncompress zip files if you need it to. I use stuffit expander.

      You can create zip files, by selecting the file/folder you wish to create, go to File > Create Archive. This will create a file with a .zip extension with the compressed file enclosed.

      You upload using an FTP client.
      I use Fetch For Mac - It's the best one I've found for Mac.
      FileZilla for Windows (Just do a google) - It's free and very fast.

      OR failing this, my provider allows me to upload zip files via ftp, and then uncompress them on the server, using their control panel system.

      You will need to contact your ISP for details on your ftp settings etc.
  4. 30. August 2007, 02:41
    Comment by subcorpus
    this one looks very promosing ...
    i'm gonna check this one out ...
    am sure i'll have questions ...
    will sure be back here ... hehe ...
  5. 30. August 2007, 02:46
    Comment by subcorpus
    with the mac ...
    download the zip file ...
    uncompress ... (just double click) ...
    upload the folder using cyberduck ...
    cyberduck is a FTP client for the mac ...
    hope this helps ...
  6. 3. September 2007, 18:19
    Comment by Kim Nørgaard
    Hi there,

    I've worked on a lightweight and minimalistic theme and the first useable version is now ready. You can find it at http://blog.jasen.dk/monolit or watch a demo at http://blog.jasen.dk/. It's documented and tested with the latest YAPB version (1.5.2).
    • 11. September 2007, 11:41
      Comment by shelly
      theres an error with the functions.php on this |(monolit) theme
      • 12. September 2007, 22:06
        Comment by Kim Nørgard
        Hi shelly,

        Oh? What error is that?

        • 13. September 2007, 07:06
          Comment by Johannes
          How 'bout going to the forum? You're invited to exchange yourself there: http://johannes.jarolim.com/yapb-forum

          Greets from Salzburg,

    • 6. August 2008, 14:37
      Comment by zinek
      Hi Kim
      Loved your theme so decided to play around with it a bit. You can take a look at the concept (a lot of quick and dirty coding though)
  7. 3. November 2007, 17:56
    Comment by christmas
    YAPB-Ready WordPress themes - Thanks great!
  8. 10. November 2007, 12:43
    Comment by Ria
    Hi Johannes,

    Now I've got WP upgraded and YAPB activated, I have a question for you. My objective is very simple: homepage at riabacon.com contains regular blog. Tab link at the top will link to YAPB. YAPB will have a different theme (I like Grain a lot) and will be used in the one-photo-a-day style. Do I need to install a second instance of WordPress, dedicated to YAPB and its theme? The address would be riabacon.com/galleria, for example.

    Advice appreciated, and greets from the Netherlands!
  9. 15. November 2007, 19:19
    Comment by artist
    YAPB-Ready WordPress themes ? That rocks!!!!
  10. 19. November 2007, 08:35
    Comment by Ria
    Question resolved: I installed a second instance of WP. It works very well. I have some minor quibbles with layout, but that's something I've asked Mac to help with (Grain theme).

    Big up for your great work, Johannes!
  11. 27. November 2007, 15:12
    Comment by seo
    I have just activated YAPB in my newly updated WP blog, so this is great! thanks!
  12. 5. December 2007, 19:02
    Comment by Ivan
    just activete YAPB in my blog is great
  13. 20. April 2008, 04:06
    Comment by Squeaky
    Nice themes. I have never heard of YAPB, what is YAPB?
    • 20. April 2008, 18:44
      Comment by Johannes
      YAPB or "Yet Another Photoblog" is a plugin for WordPress that helps you publishing your photos. You may find it here: http://johannes.jarolim.com/yapb
  14. 6. June 2008, 01:25
    Comment by Camp
    I'd love to see more pre-made themes for YAPB. Is there any word of more themes being made?
  15. 13. August 2008, 06:58
    Comment by daniel Sheehan
    I keep looking for a photoblog that can display large 900-1000 pix images with a clean design. Is ther one out there? Can it be made?
    • 14. August 2008, 21:01
      Comment by Nolan Harris
      PixelPost can, but then again so can YAPB if you make the theme.

  16. 13. September 2008, 22:15
    Comment by Lalo
    i wanna a template that simules Fotolog.com style, can you do it for me please :)
  17. 8. December 2008, 23:59
    Comment by Luca
    Hello to everybody! Awesome plugin and beautyful themes! But I'v have a big problem with the (amazing)reflection theme, doesn't work on my site! this is the error show on the homepage:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /membri/vyruscomics/wordpress/wp-content/themes/reflection/index.php on line 20

    and this is the link of myy site: http://vyruscomics.altervista.org

    Please help me!!! :(
    • 9. December 2008, 10:20
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi Luca - Seems to be a problem with the reflection theme - Please ask Dave: http://xyloid.org/ for advice.

      Greets from Salzburg!
  18. 28. May 2009, 04:31
    Comment by Bauyrzhan
    Hi, thanks for plugin :)
    is you current theme free, can I find it from the web?
  19. 2. June 2009, 18:21
    Comment by Daniel O'Connor
    Just released a theme called Elegance.

    Can you guys please add it to the list?
    • 2. June 2009, 18:44
      Comment by Johannes
      Thanks for releasing your theme: I added it already!
      • 3. June 2009, 20:28
        Comment by Daniel O'Connor
        And thanks for adding it! I'll be releasing some more with more advanced features as I learn.

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