Welcome to the private homepage of Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Austria, Europe. Willkommen auf der privaten Homepage von Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Österreich.

Since there’s a growing community of YAPB-Users maintaining and posting on beautiful photoblogs, it was only a matter of time until the first YAPB-Ready WordPress themes would appear. Beside of creating some themes on my own (just need some time for that), my intention is to publish links to all available YAPB-ready-themes on this page:

YAPB Ready WordPress Themes


Author: Mac
Page: http://mac.defx.de/grain-theme
Preview: http://www.defx.de/
Type: Classical photoblog, dark

The first released YAPB theme: Grain. A very nice classical photoblog theme with a homepage presenting the latest image. Does have an image-mosaic feature (like my one ;-) ). Very straight layout accenting the image and not distracting the visitors eye through graphical tinsel. I do highly recommend it.


Author: Fran Simó
Page: http://pht.inhubi.com/
Preview: http://justpictures.es/
Type: Base Theme, dark

The second theme i’ve found: The phT Theme from Fran Simó. According to the author it’s a base theme that you can take to develop your own style.


Author: Kim Nørgaard
Page: http://blog.jasen.dk/monolit
Preview: http://blog.jasen.dk
Type: Classical photoblog, bright

The third theme in the collection: Monolit from Kim Nørgaard. I do like light and straight themes very much – A pitty it doesn’t support exif. Nevertheless a very nice theme for photographers. Thumbs up!


Author: Dave
Page: http://xyloid.org/projects/reflection/
Preview: http://photoblog.xyloid.org/
Type: Classical photoblog, dark

This one will get some attention for sure: Reflection by dave. Pro: Very nice and clear dark theme pimped up with stylish JavaScript reflections. Con: Doesn’t look exactly the same in IE as stated out on daves todo list. Maybe someone out there helping him with that small issue?


Author: Daniel O’Connor
Page: http://dodesign.us/design/elegance/
Preview: here
Type: Classical photoblog, light gray

A very straight and elegant photoblog theme: Elegance.  The theme is presenting the latest image in a modern web 2.0 style.


Author: Squarefour
Page: http://blog.squarefour.net/2009/05/28/introducing-new-wordpress-photoblog-theme/
Preview: here
Type: Magazine style home, Classical photoblog single page

Fresh new idea to present photos: A magazine-style homepage featuring some images – If you click on them, you land on a classical photoblog page featuring the single image. I like that idea very much!

You have a YAPB-Ready-Theme?

Just drop a note to the forum or a comment to this page and i’ll include it in the list.
Please make sure to include the used version of YAPB with your templates .zip so users may even use it if i’d decide to implement big changes in newer versions.

Happy photoblogging!

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    Comment by Peter
    With upgrade to Wordpress 3.5, the RSS with embedded images seems to have broken. Anybody experiencing the same?

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