Welcome to the private homepage of Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Austria, Europe. Willkommen auf der privaten Homepage von Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Österreich.

Here some frequently asked questions (and hopefully helpful answers):

Why can’t i upload multiple images to one post?

Because this is my philosophy about photoblogs: One post, one image, one description. If you want to post several images to one post, you may wish to use a gallery plugin like myGallery NextGen Library (i use that for myself and can highly recommend that). Don’t use the previously recommended myGallery since it has security flaws that allowed a hack of my server – Additionally, the developement on the plugin has stopped.

Arg – YAPB throws a fatal WordPress error on activation?

Please have a look at your PHP memory limit – Alpha reported that rising the memory limit from 8M to 16M would help in this issue. Update: YAPB 1.7 was refactored so it’s much more unlikely you encounter a memory limit problem.

Why don’t i see EXIF Data?

(1) First of all: Did you included the output code into your theme? Exif output isn’t part of the “automatic inclusion feature” since it’s (a) just a help for beginners and (b) i don’t know where you want to show the exif tags.
(2) If YAPB can’t find EXIF data, there’s probably none. Make sure you use only image manipulation software that preserves EXIF data in the images data. Sample mistake: “Safe for web” in Photoshop strips all EXIF data from images.

On the YAPB options page, the field where i can select the EXIF Tags to be viewed is empty?

This list gets filled after you posted at least one image containg EXIF data – The filter “learns” fom your images. Either you didn’t post an image before, or that image didn’t contain any EXIF data (see question above). It could be a bug of course – But please check your image before posting complaints.

Why don’t i see any thumbnails at all – I did everything as you described and get no php errors?

(a) Did you set the directory permission for the thumbnail generator as mentioned here?
(b) Exactly how big is your original image? Thumbnailing needs memory (have a look at the php memory limit and the according entry in the phpThumb FAQ) or an installed imagemagick library for really big images.

If i assign a photoblog post to multiple categories, the “next image” and “previous image” links doesn’t work anymore.

That’s the documented behaviour of the used wordpress functions. If anyone finds a better way of solving this (without merely duplicating those both functions) – Please tell me. In the meantime: To get that working, you have to assign all photoblog posts to EXACTLY ONE category. And it has to be the same category of course ;-)

Why did you use JavaScript injection to insert the form fields?

Because WordPress doesn’t provide a hook to insert html where i wanted it. Imho the file upload field is the second important thing you should see after the title-field in a photoblog. So i inserted the field per DOM manipulation.

What’s the main difference to Pictorialis?

Pictorialis is a total WordPress conversion. The creators took WordPress 1.x as basis, touched a lot of internal code and morphed the whole thing. The main problem that i see is this: What do you do if a newer version of WordPress gets released? You have to do all those nifty code manipulations again. Same story for security updates. Yapb just adds photoblog functionality as plugin. It doesn’t touch original WordPress code and so i can take all patches, security updates and just use them. YAPB may not have so much functionality as Pictorialis, but it’s as durable as a plugin can be.

Nothing nada niente works

Oh my – Don’t flame me – I’m just the programmer ;-) If you give me feedback, i’ll look what i can do. Of course, you are not forbidden to investigate the cause for yourself and send me detailed feedback ;-) And don’t forget to search the forum – Most probably you’ll find the answer to your question there.

I’ve a big problem with my template design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP or whatever

Don’t want to sound snappy – But hey: I’m the plugin programmer. Not your HTML coach. If you’re very polite and post your question in the forum i may have a look – But i don’t think that this topic is my topic. There are a lots of peoples in forums out there handling these problems with joy and i only have a limited time budget. Right now my wife is waiting for me to go to sleep too – finally.

I’ve sent a bug / feature request / feedback and nothing happens?

I’m father of two childs, i’m husband of a beautiful woman, i’ve a fulltime job, sometimes i want to go out taking some photos or go to gym. So don’t be dissapointed if i don’t work 24/7 on YAPB (Beside of this: YAPB really works fine for me – And that’s the main reason i developed it). Additionally: Programming is a hobby of mine and it wouldn’t be that funny if i always had to program what others want – like at work. And don’t forget that you got this plugin for free. Nevertheless if i see a good point i normally react as soon as i can.

I want to donate – What ammount do you await?

Hah – I’ll take any ammount you’re willing to give ;-) But as stated on the pages: An ammount high enough to buy an interesting book or DVD does it. If anyone has a tip: I’m still searching for a reliable european or german online shop accepting Paypal.

Fifty Four Replies

  1. 1. September 2006, 00:12
    Comment by Dennis B.

    Hello- I think I followed your simple installation procedure correctly but when I try to post there is no image. (On WIN XP, so I asume that setting permissions isn't necessary). Do I need to create a special folder somewhere on the server to save the uploaded images? Any help would be appreciated!Thanks. Dennis

    Hi Dennis - I developed the whole thing on xp and the marvelous xampp distibution - and i didn't had any problems.

    In general you don't need to create special folders since i use wordpress functionality to save the images - If you're able to save an image over the WP-fileupload tab in the write form, you should be able to upload files with YAPB. If you'd upload a file right now, it would land in the folder /wp-content/uploads/2006/08 - Have a look if you find something.

    Could you give me some info about the used browser, webserver and so on? And please make sure you use the latest version of the plugin - On 2006-08-27 i corrected a bug which prevented file uploading in IE. Additionally YAPB only accepts JPEG, PNG and GIF images to be uploaded at this time.

  2. 4. September 2006, 15:33
    Comment by Florian
    Hello - Maybe Dennis didn't - like me right now - know that yapb won't work with any of the Standard Wordpress Templates, which is of course awfully obvious once you think about it, but it's not quite the norm for other wordpress plugins. Maybe you could add an instruction to your "Download / Installations"-Page, which says that you HAVE TO do the stuff on the "Adapting Templates"-Pages in order to see ANYTHING in the frontend. :-)

    Thanks for the feedback - I did include that in the general description. I'm thinking of adapting the plugin a little bit. I *could* show the images in the post automatically - but that's what i personally wouldn't want - I want the freedom of putting it where i want in my layout. So i'm thinking of an option that is activated by default but can deactivated if you want to insert the code by yourself. Hmmm. Sounds worth it.
  3. 14. September 2006, 15:15
    Comment by Lucanuscervus

    Hello Johannes, Nice plugin. It's working perfectly on my blog but, unfortunately, there is a problem with Firefox 2 (beta 2). I cannot see any picture but it works perfect with IE6 and Opera9. I've been checking the settings for Firefox but they look fine for me. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance

    This is most likely a css- or unproperly nested HTML (or unclosed tags) problem in your theme - I installed Firefox 2 Beta and i see all thumbs on my photoblog. 

    On first sight i noticed a javascript error with IE6.
    Could you please post your problem to the forum so i or another fellow user of yapb can have a closer look.

    And thanks for the tip with the new beta anyway: I'm pleased to announce that the admin interface javascript injection works in Firefox Beta 2.2 too.

    Greets from Salzburg,


  4. 22. October 2006, 20:43
    Comment by theddy
    Hi - I see in the directory of your plugin a directory "lang" with a German language file. But how to switch the language from English to German?

    Wordpress plugins try to display the language of your blog - If the according language file wasn't found, they switch to their default language which is english in most cases. If you set your wordpress language to de_DE, YAPB will show up in german. Have a look at the global var WPLANG in your wp-config.php.
  5. 17. December 2006, 17:06
    Comment by Nico

    Hi Johannes
    I have the following problem: I have uploaded myGallery and created a new folder (myfotos, writeable (777)) and all. But as soon as I activate the pluggin, my entire wordpress page colapses. All I get is the following error message:
    Function library mygalleryfunctions.php was not found.
    It's probably something very minor, but still, could you help me, please?
    Thanx, kind regards
    Nico, Switzerland

    Hi nico - Please refer to the creator of the plugin to get support.

  6. 23. January 2007, 05:18
    Comment by Dan Thorberg
    I seem to be missing a line clearing for some reason? If you follow my website link above the photos are stacking (floating) onto each other. Is there a simple fix to give it a clear:both; statement in between posts for that? Thanks for the help it looks to be the perfect answer for my website!

    Hi Dan - Pleaser refer to the forum - As stated on every single page.
  7. 25. February 2007, 20:25
    Comment by Piotr

    I have an simmular problem as others. Everything instaled. And no pictures uploaded. Also Checked out and have no: uploads/2006/08 in the wp-content at all, only plugins and themes folders.
    I using 2.1.1 version. Of course uploading jpgs.

    Best regards,

    First of all: Ask your questions in the forum. Then check your "Store uploads in this folder" settings under "Options / Miscellaneous". If the problem persists, check if you tagged "post date from exif if possible" in the image upload form. With this setting YAPB is trying to set the post date to the photo creation date if found in the exif data. There were cases where people posted photos from the year let's say 1995 and were unable to find their post afterwards.
  8. 26. February 2007, 15:08
    Comment by Piotr
    Alright - just didn't placed tmp file! Now working.

  9. 20. March 2007, 04:21
    Comment by nvrslpn

    Ok so I read EVERYTHING on your site, but I still seem to be having problems. I have installed/activated the plug-in. When I try to write a post with a picture through the plug-in, this is what I get.

    Warning: getimagesize(/home3/nvrslpn/fasterwebs-www/blog/blog//2007/03/dsc00142.JPG): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home3/nvrslpn/fasterwebs-www/blog/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-photoblog/lib/YapbImage.class.php on line 395

    Warning: unlink(/home3/nvrslpn/fasterwebs-www/blog/blog//2007/03/dsc00142.JPG): No such file or directory in /home3/nvrslpn/fasterwebs-www/blog/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-photoblog/lib/YapbImage.class.php on line 447

    Warning: getimagesize(/home3/nvrslpn/fasterwebs-www/blog/blog//2007/03/dsc00142.JPG): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home3/nvrslpn/fasterwebs-www/blog/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-photoblog/lib/YapbImage.class.php on line 395

    Warning: getimagesize(/home3/nvrslpn/fasterwebs-www/blog/blog//2007/03/dsc00142.JPG): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home3/nvrslpn/fasterwebs-www/blog/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-photoblog/lib/YapbImage.class.php on line 395

    Error: File /home3/nvrslpn/fasterwebs-www/blog/blog//2007/03/dsc00142.JPGdoes not exists!

    Please post your questions to the forum. This page is not the perfect medium to exchange multiple support messages. And check your WordPress Upload directory setting.

  10. 18. April 2007, 20:03
    Comment by Suphi
    Hi Johannes,
    I have a different approach to use of a photoblog : I take a set of pictures, I tend to work with a specific concept and publish it. Sometimes they reach 100 pictures.
    It's a pain to upload them one by one, but I'm not complaining, because solutions like myGallery doesn't give me an option to have a different page for each pictures. I want the people comment on my pictures one by one, or just disable the comments and let it only for the last one ( kinda slideshow ).
    I'm new to your plugin, I'm gonna try to understand the code a little, but is it possible to create a multiple posting area to upload bunch of photos? with options like comments on/off, additional information for this set, auto name generation ( by numbering ), ...
    Thank you for creating this great tool, and thanks again if you consider this.
    • 12. February 2008, 16:07
      Comment by Joost

      I had the same problem and decided to create a plugin that allows you to upload images using the Windows XP Publish to Web feature. The plugin allows you to register your website in windows XP such that (series of) images can be uploaded to your YAPB-enabled blog directly from an explorer window (select your images to upload and in the left side-bar click publish to web). See http://joost.reuzel.nl/about/plugin for more details on this plugin. Note that to use this feature you need to run one of the Windows XP versions...

  11. 17. November 2007, 12:14
    Comment by Thomas
    Hallo Johannes,

    leider ist das Forum ja im Momentnicht verfügbar, daher hoffe ich, daß Du mir eventuell über diesen Weg helfen kannst. Mein Problem: Das Image Resizing on upload funktioniert nicht im Geringsten. Alles andere läuft wunderbar, nur eben das nicht. Ich habe die Schreibrechte für alle Verzeichnisse entsprechend gesetzt aber es will einfach nicht. Hast Du einen Tipp?
    Ach ja: Wordpress 2.3.1 und natürlich die neueste Version von yapb

    • 18. November 2007, 20:34
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi Thomas -

      Das "Resize on upload" feature gibt es noch nicht, da ich noch draufgekommen bin, wie alle ich EXIF-Daten vom Original ins geänderte Bild kopieren kann. Ohne dass wird es das Feature aber nicht geben.

      Sorry aus Salzburg!
      • 18. November 2007, 20:50
        Comment by Johannes
        Habe grade gesehen, dass die Option im Admin-Panel leider freigeschalten ist - Das ist ein kleiner Fehler, da das Feature noch nicht ausprogrammiert ist.

        Sorry aus Salzburg!
  12. 19. November 2007, 10:56
    Comment by Thomas
    Hallo Johannes,
    das erklärt natürlich einiges ;-) Trotzdem danke für die Antwort und ganz allgemein für das tolle plugin!
    Gruß aus Köln
  13. 9. February 2008, 08:26
    Comment by margot
    I just want to know where I can adjust the css so that I can get rid of that 10 pixel width border around my images? I tried adjusting the inline styles in YapbOptions.php but when I decreased the width of the border it didn't do anything.
    • 10. February 2008, 18:05
      Comment by Johannes
      Do you use the automatic image insertion feature? If yes: I removed the according inline styles and all border disappeared in the WordPress Default theme.
  14. 28. February 2008, 01:55
    Comment by lisa
    I managed to get this plugin working just fine but I want an archive page that shows thumbnail images of all my posts. I know there is the grain theme for wp that does this but I have my own theme I've done up and I have no idea how to make the archive page work to do this. My permissions are at 777 and my php memory limit is already at 32m. Help please!
  15. 23. April 2008, 06:23
    Comment by Boris
    I am getting this error:

    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: phpexifreader in /home/seamensc/public_html/chaplainsblog/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-photoblog/lib/ExifUtils.class.php on line 29

    Please help!
  16. 19. June 2008, 01:40
    Comment by Dakota
    I found that when I could not upload images (i was getting the thumbnail error) I had to add the uploads folder to wordpress in the wp-content and chmod it 777. Hope that helps some people.
  17. 10. July 2008, 16:33
    Comment by Joel
    Maybe a stupid question, but I activated the YAPB plugin, now where is it, how do I get to it and how do I manage it?
  18. 28. July 2008, 22:08
    Comment by Alex
    Hi there,

    I have successfully installed YAPB on my WP26 and my problem is I can only upload very small photos (couple of KB). The photo counter from plugin settings grows but photos don't show.

    How can I make the plugin work with ImageMagik ? I have set the correct full path but still nothing.

    My memory limit and max post are set to accept larger files.

    Any suggestions ?

    Thanks !
  19. 12. August 2008, 13:44
    Comment by Zara
    I absolutely love your plugin, thank you! The link to your forum seems to be broken. Everthing works perfectly except the comment button. Any idea why this is or someone else that had a similar problem. Thank you :)
  20. 15. August 2008, 21:02
    Comment by Framed and Shot
    Excellent – just what I want, easy and nice and gives me time to focus on my photos, not the system!
    Thank you!
  21. 17. August 2008, 05:52
    Comment by Kathy
    I downloaded YAPB, uploaded it to my directory, unzipped it, and activated it. Everything looks great--except my blog looks absolutely no different and I can't figure out how to get started uploading photos. I'm not that great with techie language and need someone to explain in plain English. Could you let me know how I get started with uploading photos to my blog? And why is nothing showing up on the page even though WordPress tells me the plugin is activated?
  22. 22. September 2008, 18:23
    Comment by Miss Britt
    I've installed YAPB and everything seems to be working... except the archive page. :-(

    I can't find answers anywhere - including the forums!
    • 23. September 2008, 16:14
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi Britt - Ansered in the forum. Greets!

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