Welcome to the private homepage of Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Austria, Europe. Willkommen auf der privaten Homepage von Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Österreich.

I have included a possibility to place donations for YAPB over Paypal. Here the big thanks to all donators with links to their pages (as long as i know them):

Support YAPB

Do you like YAPB? Do you use it regulary to show your photos or images? Did YAPB save you time? Or you just want to give something back for the time spent to create, maintain and support YAPB? Just Donate a little ammount so i may buy a good book, DVD, etc. or just pay some server traffic. Bigger ammounts (if any) will be invested in my photo equipment of course ;-)

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Thanks for donations go to


  • (2013-06-09) Roger Wesson
  • (2013-01-12) Stephan Kleinert


  • (2012-10-04) Jerome Ichard
  • (2012-07-31) Robert Jones
  • (2012-04-30) Karin Soika
  • (2012-04-23) Mathieu Bangert
  • (2012-03-03) Christian Schlieker
  • (2012-02-26) Jochen Le Large
  • (2012-02-15) Stephan Kleinert
  • (2012-01-10) Jorge Otero


  • (2011-12-28) Silke Rathert
  • (2011-01-16) Paulo Almeida


  • (2010-11-12) Mircea Serafim Zetel
  • (2010-08-05) Sophie Brent
  • (2010-07-11) Kenneth Lee
  • (2010-05-18) Luis Loquo Liumbard
  • (2010-02-24) Pierre Studios
  • (2010-02-18) Jussi Seppälä
  • (2010-01-04) Florian Knorn


  • (2009-09-02) Dominik Herz
  • (2009-08-19) Jukka-Pekka Keisala
  • (2009-07-31) Takatsugu Masuda
  • (2009-06-23) Jamie Hansen
  • (2009-05-16) Uwe Baeuchle




Two Replies

  1. 18. July 2008, 19:17
    Comment by Neal Jacob
    I'd consider donating, but first I need to get YAPB to work and I can't get it to work. :( Do you know of anyone that would be willing to assist me in getting this going? (I can give a small donation, maybe $25?)
    • 16. October 2008, 13:42
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi Neal - Sorry for the late response: Please consider posting more info at the YAPB forum. There are lots of photographers eager to help.

      And i consider EUR 10-15 as a small donation capable of financing a good book (paperback). EUR 25 would be the mentioned DVD ;-)

      AND you can get help on the forum without donating at all! Neat, isn't it?

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