Welcome to the private homepage of Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Austria, Europe. Willkommen auf der privaten Homepage von Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Österreich.

It’s out in the wild. Convert your WordPress 2.x installation into a full featured photoblog in virtually no time. Use the full range of WordPress functions and plugins: Benefit from the big community WordPress has to offer.

What is YAPB / What can you expect?

  • A non invasive WordPress-plugin that converts wp into a easy useable photoblog system
  • Easy image upload – All wordpress post-features can be used
  • On the fly thumbnail generation – Use multiple thumbnail sizes where and when you need them: Thumbnail generation gets controlled from the template.
  • EXIF data processing and output
  • Self-learning EXIF filter – Your own cameras tags can be selected to be viewed.
  • Full i18n-Support through gnutext mo/po files
  • YAPB Plugin Infrastructure for extended functionality
  • Ping additional update-service-sites when posting a photoblog entry.
  • Nearly every WP-theme can become a photoblog in virtually no time.

You’ll get a photoblog system based on wordpress – Decide if you want to post a normal WordPress article or a photoblog entry. Be free to use all available extensions / plugins of the WordPress platform ;-)

3 Steps to your WordPress Photoblog

Why another photoblog system?

There aren’t many open source photoblog systems out there in the wild. I searched a long time and found only few. Evaluated all of them and decided to program one on myself, since none of them met my demands. I did that about three times – Every version was build up from the scratch. Every version was better and much more flexible. More cool and finally more proprietary.

Every time i saw a feature in another blog system that i wanted to have – i had to spend much of my rare spare time to design, program and integrate it into my own photoblog system. After implementing some features like captcha, ping and trackback, etc. etc. i decided that this was just a waste of time.

There already was a system out there having lot’s of features and a huge community: WordPress. Yapb is my try to build on a wide spread platform – And to get what i want – As a photographer and programmer.

Why not use services like Flickr, Deviantart, etc. etc. ?

Why hazzle with renting a suitable webhost, installing a photoblog software, configuring the whole stuff, eventually solve problems, searching and installing a cool theme, etc. etc. – If i can have it all (and more) with one click at Flickr, Deviantart, etc. etc. ?

I’m only able to give you a hint on my opinion why i don’t want to host my images on such a service. Fortunately, for the impatient among us, it can be told with only three (and a half) words:

It’s my image.

Post your image on a foreign server and you’ll never be exactly sure what rights you have on your own images until you’re a better laywer than the one hired by your prefered photo community. One nice example: Flickr was sold to Yahoo AFTER they had tens of thousands users and hosted millions of images. If you’re posting images to flickr right now – Do you EXACTLY know, what rights Yahoo currently owns on YOUR images?

If this is perfectly ok for you – Go on and use those communities! After givin away your personal data, you will have an account for free and no hazzle with setting up your own photoblog. There are thousands of users just waiting for you!

Technically spoken

Yapb integrates tightly into wordpress. Via Javascript DOM manipulation it injects several form additions into the standard wordpress post form. It provides additional data and functions to themes so that nearly every theme can be converted to a photoblog in virtually no time. Yapb doesn’t touch original wordpress code – It’s using it.

Support YAPB

Do you like YAPB? Do you use it regulary to show your photos or images? Did YAPB save you time? Or you just want to give something back for the time spent to create, maintain and support YAPB? Just Donate a little ammount so i may buy a good book, DVD, etc. or just pay some server traffic. Bigger ammounts (if any) will be invested in my photo equipment of course ;-)

[paypal-donation purpose=”A donation for Yet-Another-Photoblog” reference=”Supporting Open Source”]

Five Hundred Fifty Replies

  1. 5. January 2008, 12:10
    Comment by Chase
    I'm receiving a fatal error on line 46. Any help? p.s.I hope my previous comment didn't post or I feel like a dufus!
  2. 9. January 2008, 08:52
    Comment by Erica
    Hi, I have installed YAPB onto a blog of mine but somehow, when the system tries to resize a much bigger image to the desired thumbnail size i have specified, nothing comes up, its all crossed out. All is well when no resizing is required. I have already set the cache directory to chmod777. I m on wordpress 2.2.2. Not sure when you will reply but will appreciate asap as the site is to be launched tmr. Thanks.
    • 9. January 2008, 09:27
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi Erica -

      Please have a look at the FAQ - I updated the accroding entry: Seems the php_memory_limit on your host is set to low so you're not able to resize so big images via php. One possible solution: Ask your provider to install imagemagick.
  3. 9. January 2008, 12:28
    Comment by Erica
    Thanks, will have my tech guys look into it.
  4. 14. January 2008, 21:21
    Comment by Michael Caputo
    I cant seem to "upload" a file to the plugin after it is installed.. The field is there to browse the file, i select it, and save teh page, but the file doesn't get uploaded. Am I missing something?

    I'm using WP 2.3.2
  5. 15. January 2008, 21:05
    Comment by paul
    now, that's a great idea! i've actually wondered before why there wasn't anything out like this. i'll have to try it.
  6. 18. January 2008, 07:03
    Comment by Doug Sahlin
    I can't access the YAPB page when I click the tab in options. I'm not getting thumbnails either. Your plugin is nice. I must be mission something.
  7. 22. January 2008, 08:29
    Comment by technika grzewcza
    I’m receiving a fatal error on line 46. Any help?
    • 17. February 2008, 10:45
      Comment by Johannes
      Have a look if you really uploaded all files and if you have a php-realpath-restriction in effect.
  8. 23. January 2008, 03:34
    Comment by JoNathan
    Great Tool!! Will use!!
  9. 24. January 2008, 08:44
    Comment by Holger
    Wow, I think I will try it in one of my next projects.

    Thank you !!
  10. 28. January 2008, 06:41
    Comment by EDV Beratung
    I think that this articel is very great.
    I will test this plugin first in a offline environment.

    Thank you.
  11. 29. January 2008, 12:19
    Comment by madteckhead
    I would be interested in hearing about how people get traffic to their photoblog. I have set one up YaBP, but traffic to the site has been low. Are there directories that I should be listed in? Are there services that I can give my photoblog feed to that will redisplay my work, search engine optimisation tips that have worked. Thanks
  12. 12. February 2008, 11:44
    Comment by Karpacz
    Super tool!!! I will use it in karpacz.nocuj.net (Tanie noclegi w Karpaczu). Thanks for it!
  13. 12. February 2008, 23:57
    Comment by Dario
    I'd really like to paypal you some dozens of euros if you can help me to link the thumb to the full-size jpg...
    my email is dozarte(AT)hotmail(DOT)com
  14. 15. February 2008, 12:37
    Comment by Maciej
    Plugin is great. But it lacks some features I need:

    - Posibility to put image inside text ([yapbimage] for example)
    - Posibility to give image a caption title which could be shown under it (I customized plugin to show content of a post above the image, which I prefer)
  15. 15. February 2008, 12:40
    Comment by Maciej
    And besides:

    Additional option more than one image in a post. I prefer to have some TextToImage balance.
  16. 15. February 2008, 14:46
    Comment by Maciej
    I would forgot:
    The most important: to be able to add images that are already on the server. Sometimes I work with ImageManager to crop, cut, etc.
  17. 27. February 2008, 21:28
    Comment by katyeza
    Wow! This is just GREAT.
  18. 3. March 2008, 22:21
    Comment by Joe, web designer
    Excellent. I have family members in South Africa who wish to start taking and uploading wildlife images, this will be perfect from what I can tell. Thanks for the great work on your end.
  19. 5. March 2008, 03:32
    Comment by yoogya
    hello, i wang using your product so i have inclide in my blog. but its not fungtion. help my please

  20. 7. March 2008, 07:29
    Comment by Leonardo Parada
    Hello...Congratulations for your plugin I had prove it on a normal wordpress intallation and work ok. I have some problems with my new blogs developed on WordpressMU. I was needing more than one blog and wordpresMU was a great solution for me. I want have one blog only for Photoblog and other for post.


    Is your plugin compatible whit wordpressMU. How Can I install on my wordpresMU blog?

    Thanks for help me.
    • 8. March 2008, 23:30
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi Leonardo - YAPB isn't compatible with mu, sorry.
  21. 10. March 2008, 13:40
    Comment by Ezequiel
    Could i explain what each of them do?

    $directMappings = array(
    'w','h','wp','hp','wl','hl','ws','hs','f', 'q',
    'sx','sy','sw','sh','zc','bc','bg','fltr', 'err',

    I know that:
    "w" = width
    "h" = height
    "q" = quality
    "zc" = absolute size

    And the other?
  22. 10. March 2008, 13:43
    Comment by Ezequiel
    Sorry, i met! =P
    • 7. April 2008, 15:15
      Comment by Johannes
      ;-) The new documentation sets a direct link to the readme...
  23. 11. March 2008, 13:51
    Comment by Kjetil
    've set up at photoblog using Wordpress and the plugin Yet another photoblog, but I am having a lot of difficulty trying to get my photos to be used as previous links too.

    On most photoblogs, it is possible to navigate to previous entries by clicking on the photo itself. Unfortunately, this isn't quite easy to accomplish with Wordpress and this plugin. I have searched around, both at Google and the support forum, and I am not the only one struggling with it.
    Not many seems to be getting answers on this topic.

    It would have been great if this was implemented into the plugin, since it is something very essensial to a photoblog. An even better thing would be if a small javascript could make the left side of the image point to the previous entry, and the right side to the next.

    Wordpress' template system doesn't have a good support for getting a url to the previous entry. You just get a link, without the option of placing content inside it.

    Would this be possible?
    If I cannot get this working, I can't use Wordpress for photoblogging, which is a shame. It is a really good tool for blogging.

    The alternative is Pixelpost, but I don't think it has that many possibilities as Wordpress do.

  24. 12. March 2008, 00:08
    Comment by Ben
    Hmmm may try out the plugin never used one like it before. Thanks!!
  25. 13. March 2008, 03:38
    Comment by Joe
    Nice tool, I think I´m going to test it.

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