Welcome to the private homepage of Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Austria, Europe. Willkommen auf der privaten Homepage von Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Österreich.

It’s out in the wild. Convert your WordPress 2.x installation into a full featured photoblog in virtually no time. Use the full range of WordPress functions and plugins: Benefit from the big community WordPress has to offer.

What is YAPB / What can you expect?

  • A non invasive WordPress-plugin that converts wp into a easy useable photoblog system
  • Easy image upload – All wordpress post-features can be used
  • On the fly thumbnail generation – Use multiple thumbnail sizes where and when you need them: Thumbnail generation gets controlled from the template.
  • EXIF data processing and output
  • Self-learning EXIF filter – Your own cameras tags can be selected to be viewed.
  • Full i18n-Support through gnutext mo/po files
  • YAPB Plugin Infrastructure for extended functionality
  • Ping additional update-service-sites when posting a photoblog entry.
  • Nearly every WP-theme can become a photoblog in virtually no time.

You’ll get a photoblog system based on wordpress – Decide if you want to post a normal WordPress article or a photoblog entry. Be free to use all available extensions / plugins of the WordPress platform ;-)

3 Steps to your WordPress Photoblog

Why another photoblog system?

There aren’t many open source photoblog systems out there in the wild. I searched a long time and found only few. Evaluated all of them and decided to program one on myself, since none of them met my demands. I did that about three times – Every version was build up from the scratch. Every version was better and much more flexible. More cool and finally more proprietary.

Every time i saw a feature in another blog system that i wanted to have – i had to spend much of my rare spare time to design, program and integrate it into my own photoblog system. After implementing some features like captcha, ping and trackback, etc. etc. i decided that this was just a waste of time.

There already was a system out there having lot’s of features and a huge community: WordPress. Yapb is my try to build on a wide spread platform – And to get what i want – As a photographer and programmer.

Why not use services like Flickr, Deviantart, etc. etc. ?

Why hazzle with renting a suitable webhost, installing a photoblog software, configuring the whole stuff, eventually solve problems, searching and installing a cool theme, etc. etc. – If i can have it all (and more) with one click at Flickr, Deviantart, etc. etc. ?

I’m only able to give you a hint on my opinion why i don’t want to host my images on such a service. Fortunately, for the impatient among us, it can be told with only three (and a half) words:

It’s my image.

Post your image on a foreign server and you’ll never be exactly sure what rights you have on your own images until you’re a better laywer than the one hired by your prefered photo community. One nice example: Flickr was sold to Yahoo AFTER they had tens of thousands users and hosted millions of images. If you’re posting images to flickr right now – Do you EXACTLY know, what rights Yahoo currently owns on YOUR images?

If this is perfectly ok for you – Go on and use those communities! After givin away your personal data, you will have an account for free and no hazzle with setting up your own photoblog. There are thousands of users just waiting for you!

Technically spoken

Yapb integrates tightly into wordpress. Via Javascript DOM manipulation it injects several form additions into the standard wordpress post form. It provides additional data and functions to themes so that nearly every theme can be converted to a photoblog in virtually no time. Yapb doesn’t touch original wordpress code – It’s using it.

Support YAPB

Do you like YAPB? Do you use it regulary to show your photos or images? Did YAPB save you time? Or you just want to give something back for the time spent to create, maintain and support YAPB? Just Donate a little ammount so i may buy a good book, DVD, etc. or just pay some server traffic. Bigger ammounts (if any) will be invested in my photo equipment of course ;-)

[paypal-donation purpose=”A donation for Yet-Another-Photoblog” reference=”Supporting Open Source”]

Five Hundred Fifty Replies

  1. 14. October 2011, 22:36
    Comment by Andrew
    Hi, I'm facing problems with thumbnail creation. Is it automatic?
    I upload my image but no thumbnail is created yet.

    Please help me.

  2. 2. November 2011, 18:00
    Comment by philippe
    Hello Johannes,
    There is a problem when IE is used to upload a picture : the post is published, but without the picture. The picture does not show up in the uploads folder.
    It works fine with other browsers.
    You can check that at www.lavieengris.com (you need to register to publish a photo). If needed I can send you the admin login.
    Thanks for your help
    • 7. November 2011, 09:16
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi Philippe - Thanks for your feedback: Seems the upload works 'til IE7 - And i'm usually not using Microsoft Browser thus not noticing the error. I'll take a look what i can do about it.
    • 7. November 2011, 09:30
      Comment by Johannes
      fixed in version 1.10.1
      • 10. November 2011, 13:01
        Comment by philippe
        Great ! Thank you.
  3. 6. December 2011, 01:53
    Comment by Jean
    Hi! there is a problem- I installed and activated the plugin but I can find the option-page where I need to configure the plugin,any suggestions?
    • 22. January 2012, 00:23
      Comment by David
      Same issue. Where is the YAPB Options Page. I've looked in every WP menu as well as everything on the widget page. Have googled for days, no luck. I know it's me and it's probably obvious but I just don't see it. Please help.
      • 22. January 2012, 10:23
        Comment by Johannes
        uHi David -

        The Options Page may be found (as for most plugin option pages) under Settings in the WP-admin menu.

        br from Salzburg,

        - johannes
        • 19. June 2012, 03:03
          Comment by Cathy
          same problem...can't find options for this plugin under settings. It is NOT there. Can you please offer any help? Is it named YAPB or something else? I am quite familiar with all my plugins and doubt I am overlooking it. thanks
  4. 15. December 2011, 21:45
    Comment by Rosemary Senjem
    Under screen shots on this page, all I see is a short code for nextgen gallery.
  5. 7. January 2012, 18:37
    Comment by Greg McClean

    Please help ....

    Have just downloaded and clicked active on the Yet Another Photo Blog plug in, my website has stopped working with the following message, will not load or allow me to access anything:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_userdata() in /homepages/37/d395752492/htdocs/Wordpressinstall/wordpress-3.3/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/user-access-manager/class/UserAccessManager.class.php on line 1881

    Many many thanks
    • 8. January 2012, 23:19
      Comment by Johannes
      According to the error message, you have a problem with the plugin user-access-manager - Please try to rename the plugin dir and this message should disappear.
      • 10. January 2012, 01:26
        Comment by Jan
        Hi Johannes,

        first of all let me thank you for your great work in YAPB development. I'm using your plugin for a while (just now on WP 3.3) and yesterday decided to activate User Access Manager plugin to protect some portion of my site against public access.

        However I received the same error message as Greg mentioned. When I googled around, I found couple of reports where people mentioned incorrect compatibility between YAPB and UAM plugins.

        I'm not an expert on plugins development and therefore I would like to ask you if you could advice what's going wrong that these two plugins don't work together. Some forums say that the problem is in YAPB, some that UAM should be blamed.

        Could you give us your opinion what could be wrong and if there is any workaround to make them both working together?

        Many thanks for your answer and great work,
        • 10. January 2012, 13:58
          Comment by Johannes
          That's a timing problem of Alex, the plugin creator of User Access Manager (UAM).

          I released a Bug Workaround with version 1.10.6 - and contacted Alex with a concrete hint how to fix the problem.

          Hopefully Alex will release a fixed version soon since i assume that there may be alot of other plugins having the same problem with UAM.

          Have fun with the new release and br from Salzburg!
          • 10. January 2012, 16:00
            Comment by Jan
            Hi Johannes,

            thanks a lot for your support and amazing turnaround in releasing of new version of your plugin. I will definitely give it a try. I also noticed you released a comment on Alex's blog with request for a fix.

            Many thanks, Johannes!

            Take care and good luck,
    • 10. January 2012, 14:00
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi Greg - Please update to YAPB 1.10.6 so you have a working photoblog until Alex releases a fixed version of User Access Manager.
  6. 12. January 2012, 12:48
    Comment by Ulf I
    Nice work of yours. I´m a beginner to the world of WP. How do I find the`configuration menu´? Is it compatible with WP 3.3.1
    I appreciate if someone got time..
  7. 13. January 2012, 12:49
    Comment by Bjoern
    Dear Johannes,

    I have just installed your plugin and it all works "fine" so far. The only thing (quite a deal buster) is that the thumbnails are not generated. The images is rel to lightbox correctly, but the thumb is not showing on the blog page. Any idea how to fix this ?
    • 13. January 2012, 16:58
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi Bjørn -

      If you present an url i could have a small look. a common problem is:

      # image to big for php internal gdlib (have a look at imagemagick and YAPB thumbnailer options).

      have a look at the image url - if it's a path to the YapbThumbnailer.php with parameters, call this url directly and have a look at the error messages (if any)

      br from Salzburg!
  8. 13. January 2012, 18:41
    Comment by Bjoern
    here you go: www.lauen.eu
    Check the Blog Menu , i leave a post there for you "At the Top".

    Danke Dir.
    Hab mal ein paar Jahre in Tirol gewohnt :-)
  9. 13. January 2012, 19:17
    Comment by Bjoern
    Ok. I guess i am getting there. The permission for the yapb_cache changed while uploading. Made a new directory and assigned 777. Now the thumb is generated, but I can not open the image in lightbox.
  10. 12. February 2012, 07:12
    Comment by Daviz
    I got a warning once install.

    Warning: explode() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in /home/davizpoh/public_html/store/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-photoblog/lib/options/YapbExifTagnamesOption.class.php on line 70

    any solution ?
    • 24. February 2012, 08:46
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi Daviz - I'll take a look.
  11. 14. February 2012, 06:45
    Comment by petri
    Hi... I really love your plugin but I HAVE to post through my mobile phone... can I do it with YAPB ?
    I have been trying with Grain and YAPB and it only works when I upload a pic through the admin panel...
  12. 15. February 2012, 11:45
    Comment by Petri71
    Hi Johannes,

    I have been trying to find an answer in the forum :

    but I can a 403 error message...

    so I'll ask it here :

    Is there a way to do mobile photoblogging with YAPB ?
    My dream would be to upload my pics + a title with my mobile phone (with WP app maybe ? but not difficult if other ways), and have them displayed in a mozaic form with square thumbnails and on click a lightbox opens allowing to click next and prev.
    It does not seems very difficult and, for example, Grain theme + YAPB are a wonderful combination for a photoblog but it's not possible to upload out of the admin panel. I have been through so many tests with different theme and plugin and could not find a solution.

    I will appreciate if any of you knows the way... thank you for any useful info
  13. 15. February 2012, 18:02
    Comment by Henry
    Does anyone have advice on transferring my site from Pixelpost to YAPB?
  14. 17. February 2012, 08:43
    Comment by Anne
    Hello, trying to install and use on a fresh installation of WP and I'm getting this in the settings page:
    Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/yeys/public_html/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-photoblog/lib/options/YapbExifTagnamesOption.class.php on line 79
    • 24. February 2012, 08:45
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi Anne - I'll take a look as soon as i've time.
    • 5. April 2012, 09:14
      Comment by Anders
      Hi there!
      I've got the same problem, did you find a solution?
      • 5. April 2012, 09:37
        Comment by Anders
        Warnings gone - they disappeared first time I saved settings.
  15. 27. February 2012, 10:18
    Comment by Tim
    Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for YAPB Plugin! Your work is much appreciated.

  16. 9. March 2012, 18:26
    Comment by Roy Kevelham
    Hi Johannes,

    I updated YAPB to 1.10.6, and i encountering 2 problems. YAPB Setting doesnt show up below the settings menu. The YAPB settings link is there, but on the right site where you can change all setting, i see only an photo of an digital camera. No settings.

    2nd problem. In the past when i uploaded images, i get thumbnails which were the size of 100x100, but now they are suddenly 100x150. I think this problem is connected to settings-menu which i dont get.

    I tried with Firefox and IE, both fully updated in Windows 7. Its not an browser problem. How can i fix this?
  17. 11. April 2012, 06:50
    Comment by Barrie
    Having problem with thumbnails. They are created with a border but no matter what size image i upload there is always a white line at the bottom of the picture, as if the thumb doesn't fit the border
  18. 21. April 2012, 23:47
    Comment by Joe
    I installed the plugin and it seems to work ok, the only problem (I found this by adding new tester accounts) is the 1st time a user goes to their dashboard, they get a message that shows their cache for this plugin was created successfully, and it gives them the full file path (example: /home/databaseusername/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/and so on, and I don't want my users to know that much information. They never see it again after the 1st time, but, still.
  19. 25. April 2012, 07:53
    Comment by Aaron Welles
    I found with WP 3.3.2 that I had to make the following change:

    Yapb.class.php, line 591
    add_options_page('YAPB', 'YAPB', 8, basename(__FILE__), array(&$this, 'render_options_panel_content'));
    add_options_page('YAPB', 'YAPB', 'manage_options', basename(__FILE__), array(&$this, 'render_options_panel_content'));

    This fixed the following error:
    "Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0! Usage of user levels by plugins and themes is deprecated. Use roles and capabilities instead. in /Users/aaronwelles/Dropbox/Web/Awespark/wordpress/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3551"

    Just an fyi.

    Thats for the work.

  20. 2. May 2012, 08:34
    Comment by Behzad
    hi, i'm using yapb plugin but I have problem with uploading images... after uploading nothing shows in blog and the post list, in edit post too.

    please guide me to resolve it thank you...

    I'm using wordpress 3.32
    and yapb 1.10.6
  21. 10. May 2012, 20:44
    Comment by Lev
    Hi Johannes,
    After an upgrade on my server (which included php upgrade too) I miss square thumbnails. That is, all thumbnails are proportional now. And I see that instead of GD it is ImageMagick which is used. Do you have any idea what could be wrong? Thank you very much.

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