Welcome to the private homepage of Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Austria, Europe. Willkommen auf der privaten Homepage von Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Österreich.

It’s out in the wild. Convert your WordPress 2.x installation into a full featured photoblog in virtually no time. Use the full range of WordPress functions and plugins: Benefit from the big community WordPress has to offer.

What is YAPB / What can you expect?

  • A non invasive WordPress-plugin that converts wp into a easy useable photoblog system
  • Easy image upload – All wordpress post-features can be used
  • On the fly thumbnail generation – Use multiple thumbnail sizes where and when you need them: Thumbnail generation gets controlled from the template.
  • EXIF data processing and output
  • Self-learning EXIF filter – Your own cameras tags can be selected to be viewed.
  • Full i18n-Support through gnutext mo/po files
  • YAPB Plugin Infrastructure for extended functionality
  • Ping additional update-service-sites when posting a photoblog entry.
  • Nearly every WP-theme can become a photoblog in virtually no time.

You’ll get a photoblog system based on wordpress – Decide if you want to post a normal WordPress article or a photoblog entry. Be free to use all available extensions / plugins of the WordPress platform ;-)

3 Steps to your WordPress Photoblog

Why another photoblog system?

There aren’t many open source photoblog systems out there in the wild. I searched a long time and found only few. Evaluated all of them and decided to program one on myself, since none of them met my demands. I did that about three times – Every version was build up from the scratch. Every version was better and much more flexible. More cool and finally more proprietary.

Every time i saw a feature in another blog system that i wanted to have – i had to spend much of my rare spare time to design, program and integrate it into my own photoblog system. After implementing some features like captcha, ping and trackback, etc. etc. i decided that this was just a waste of time.

There already was a system out there having lot’s of features and a huge community: WordPress. Yapb is my try to build on a wide spread platform – And to get what i want – As a photographer and programmer.

Why not use services like Flickr, Deviantart, etc. etc. ?

Why hazzle with renting a suitable webhost, installing a photoblog software, configuring the whole stuff, eventually solve problems, searching and installing a cool theme, etc. etc. – If i can have it all (and more) with one click at Flickr, Deviantart, etc. etc. ?

I’m only able to give you a hint on my opinion why i don’t want to host my images on such a service. Fortunately, for the impatient among us, it can be told with only three (and a half) words:

It’s my image.

Post your image on a foreign server and you’ll never be exactly sure what rights you have on your own images until you’re a better laywer than the one hired by your prefered photo community. One nice example: Flickr was sold to Yahoo AFTER they had tens of thousands users and hosted millions of images. If you’re posting images to flickr right now – Do you EXACTLY know, what rights Yahoo currently owns on YOUR images?

If this is perfectly ok for you – Go on and use those communities! After givin away your personal data, you will have an account for free and no hazzle with setting up your own photoblog. There are thousands of users just waiting for you!

Technically spoken

Yapb integrates tightly into wordpress. Via Javascript DOM manipulation it injects several form additions into the standard wordpress post form. It provides additional data and functions to themes so that nearly every theme can be converted to a photoblog in virtually no time. Yapb doesn’t touch original wordpress code – It’s using it.

Support YAPB

Do you like YAPB? Do you use it regulary to show your photos or images? Did YAPB save you time? Or you just want to give something back for the time spent to create, maintain and support YAPB? Just Donate a little ammount so i may buy a good book, DVD, etc. or just pay some server traffic. Bigger ammounts (if any) will be invested in my photo equipment of course ;-)

[paypal-donation purpose=”A donation for Yet-Another-Photoblog” reference=”Supporting Open Source”]

Five Hundred Fifty Replies

  1. 31. January 2011, 02:33
    Comment by Paul
    Hi, when trying this plugin I got this message: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/onlydemocracy4iran.com/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-photoblog/lib/YapbImage.class.php on line 649

    I uploaded an image and was shown is dashboard with a file size of 0 kb. Am I doingsomething wrong?
    • 24. February 2011, 11:50
      Comment by Johannes
      Maybe you could take a look into WP-Options/Miscellaneous: Did you set your uploads-directory correctly? YAPB is relying on that setting.
  2. 3. February 2011, 16:57
    Comment by Fiverr
    I am currently using your plugin on WP 2.92. Will it be better, I mean more features if I upgrade WP to 3+?
    Will this work on multi site?

    Tim Fiverr
  3. 8. February 2011, 06:34
    Comment by Lon
    I've had this running on one of my sites with the reflection theme (http://xyloid.org/projects/reflection/) for the past year - it's been working great till recently - titles are there, but photos aren't showing. I get the feeling it's not the theme's issue - any clues on the plugin end? nothing's been changed the last while as far as i can tell.
    • 24. February 2011, 11:48
      Comment by Johannes
      Did you move your blog to another directory? Then you'll have to take a look into the yapb_image table and correct the paths.
  4. 10. February 2011, 18:24
    Comment by Wetjet
    Too bad this plugin is over a year old and incompatible with the current WP 3.0.5
    • 24. February 2011, 11:47
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi -

      I'm using it on the latest WP Version with no problems.
      Maybe you take a look at the forum?

      greets from Salzburg!
  5. 2. March 2011, 06:08
    Comment by Q8iEnG
    Brilliant, I've updated one of the themes in here. check out my site and if you want it, just email me tho.
  6. 5. March 2011, 07:57
    Comment by michelle
    well, i'd love ot know how you all got it to work.

    i tried it and it didn't work. none of the images i browsed to via the yapb uploader button would save, and the forum was no help at all.

    for something that is supposed to be as easy as "install, activate and post" (per the above graphic) it sure was over my head!
  7. 23. March 2011, 07:18
    Comment by Ryan MK
    I will try this plugin, if anybody know the other best plugin for wodpress please let me know , thanks :-)
  8. 3. April 2011, 08:32
    Comment by barb
    Hi I have a normal word press blog, and now have run out of room. How do I change it to a photoblog? I am quite confused. Thanks
  9. 8. May 2011, 19:07
    Comment by Mubashir Saeed
    awesome plugin. I use it on 2.92 wp. It would be a good idea if one can use it for themes that look like Fiver.

    I m gonna install it on my site Bahawalpur History
  10. 9. June 2011, 14:30
    Comment by Andy love lamparas de pie
    I was looking a way to build a photoblog for a while, i appreciate so much that info, thanks.
    I always loved those sites with funny images.
  11. 15. June 2011, 16:13
    Comment by Rafayet
    Here is the type of site I need build on a WP platform. The WP them does not need to be as complicated as this one as I am looking to put an iframe over it and the user must fill in an email submit to be able to rate a photo.

  12. 21. June 2011, 13:41
    Comment by hossein
    excuse me
    when can i download the YAPB
    please sent me the link of that
  13. 5. July 2011, 11:20
    Comment by pinetree
    Just upgraded to Wordpress 3.2 and the YAPB image load function in the edit/ add new post doesn't work... bummer it''s been perfect up 'til now!
    • 5. July 2011, 12:44
      Comment by Johannes
      I'll upgrade to 3.2 and see what i can do.
      • 5. July 2011, 12:48
        Comment by Johannes
        Upgraded to 3.2 and everything's fine? Could you describe your probleme better so i may reproduce it? thanks!
        • 6. July 2011, 21:50
          Comment by HoSchi
          Hi Johannes,
          just updatet to WP 3.2 in German and same Prob like pinetree. I add an Picture in the Field and hit publish after that YAPB Field is cleared an no Photo in, neither in Preview of the Article nor in Articlelist of the Dashboard.
          Befeore the update everything worked fine.

          Pls Help!
          • 10. July 2011, 21:11
            Comment by Larry
            I experience exactly the same problem. When I upload a photo in the YAPB field and click "Publish" the YAPB field is cleared and no image shows up in the post. Everything worked just fine on all earlier WP versions. I use YAPB version 1.9.28.
        • 13. July 2011, 05:24
          Comment by pinetree
          Hi Johannes, as HoSchi said. everything looks the same before the upgrade to 3.2, but when I try to upload an image in edit post through the dashboard it does not save or update.

          Everything appears to work up until the page refreshes and the YAPB filed remains blank and no image is displayed.

          Just tested against 3.2.1 same error.
          • 14. July 2011, 07:51
            Comment by Johannes
            Hi Pinetree -

            Please send me the address of your site via email so i may have a look into the YapbDiagnostics.


            - Johannes
        • 13. July 2011, 08:18
          Comment by Dan
          So, I am getting the same thing. Upgraded to 3.2 (and also 3.2.1) and now I don't see any of my photos when actually viewing the post. The thumbs seem to show fine, I can still see the img is selected when editing the post, and I can verify that the image is still on the file system. On the post itself, there doesn't seem to be anything in the div "imageHolder" and the "panel_exif" says "Error: File does not exists!".

          I tried out another theme, but that doesn't seem to be the issue.

          I would be happy to help out in any way possible if you would like.
          • 14. July 2011, 07:53
            Comment by Johannes
            Hi Dan -

            I'd need access to a system with that problem. It doesn't occur on mine. It would be extremly helpful if i could have temporary WordPress- and FTP-Access so i may have a possibility to analyse that behaviour.

            - Johannes
          • 14. July 2011, 08:46
            Comment by Dan
            Can you email me and we can work that out?
          • 15. July 2011, 07:41
            Comment by Johannes
            Hi Dan - As explained in my email you had a wrong configuration in "Settings" > "Media" > "Store uploads in this folder". Don't know if WordPress changed that setting during update to 3.2+
          • 23. July 2011, 00:05
            Comment by Joe
            I am having the same issue with no image uploading and the form resorting to blank. I've looked at the media - settings and it says wp-content/uploads is this right?
          • 5. August 2011, 04:13
            Comment by CJ
            same problem here... click upload and then nothing...
  14. 17. July 2011, 21:19
    Comment by Larry
    The default media upload folder in the upgraded WP installation is 'wp-content/uploads'. Isn't that ok?
  15. 25. July 2011, 17:12
    Comment by ST8
    Heres a lightroom plugin that will let you upload directly from lightroom to yapb. I did mail this to johannes a while ago but havnt heard back!

    Heres the lightroom bit:

    and the wordpress bit:
  16. 27. July 2011, 09:40
    Comment by Dedy
    This plugin is very useful,
    just this plugin for build my gallery
    dont need other cms
  17. 1. August 2011, 11:02
    Comment by ST8
    sorry i meant to post these links:

    those are more up to date (a few bug fixes)
  18. 3. August 2011, 06:48
    Comment by Kyle T.
    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you're doing for photoblogging on Wordpress. I was completely lost when Pixelpost was announced that it was stopping development and Wordpress by itself is infuriating as photoblogging software.

    Seriously. Thanks so much.
  19. 7. August 2011, 13:44
    Comment by name required
    None of the images appear in the 3.2.1 Media library ... where did they go?

    I see where they are via FTP in the directory tree ... is this default behaviour or is it some incompatibility with 3.2?

  20. 7. August 2011, 13:47
    Comment by name required
    Is there a way to update the Media Library so it shows them for use in other posts etc?
  21. 30. August 2011, 23:51
    Comment by Justin

    I am migrating a fairly large wordpress site to a new server and am running into some problems with this plug in. I understand this is a free plug in so I truly appreciate anytime you have to read this.

    I am running into the "File does not exist" error. Now on the current server and live site the plug in is working perfectly. The media is set to go to /wp-content/uploads/images

    with the url as the same thing but with our website url in front. Everything works fine with this.

    I am literally taking a carbon copy of all the files as well as importing the mysql file's on the new server and everything except this plug in is working. I found and replaced all the urls in the mysql file. Again any insight into this issue is greatly apreciated!
    • 5. September 2011, 09:05
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi Justin - Already answered to your email. Hope you get your migration done!
  22. 4. September 2011, 21:43
    Comment by Larry
    After upgrading to WordPress 3.2.1, using YAPB 1.9.29, everything works just fine again. The problems reported were due to a WordPress bug I believe. Cast no shadow on YAPB. :)
  23. 17. September 2011, 12:58
    Comment by Christian
    Many thanks for building this plugin. Finally I had the chance to switch from my old pixelpost install to a more modern WP+YAPB setup.
    • 7. November 2011, 22:28
      Comment by Johannes
      Lol! Pixelpost and its code base at that time once was one of my kickstarters for the developement of YAPB! Didn't knew the project is still alive!
  24. 3. October 2011, 06:36
    Comment by wordpress tutorials
    Great plugin, and i'll be having a look at it for sure! And you're spot on, that's the main danger with free accounts of any nature... who really owns the data? I still worry about that with my gmail...
  25. 9. October 2011, 21:27
    Comment by Lev
    I believe that Node.encoding = 'multipart/form-data' for IE is obsolete and misleading: modern versions of IE work with standard Node.enctype = 'multipart/form-data', but fail without it as jQuery.browser.msie does not check the IE version number in tpl/edit_form_advanced_javascript_injection.tpl.php
    Thank you!
    • 7. November 2011, 09:26
      Comment by Johannes
      Thanks for your feedback! I didn't concluded that file upload is broken since IE8+ ... and i'm not using Microsoft Browsers at home. Fixed in YAPB 1.10.1

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