Welcome to the private homepage of Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Austria, Europe. Willkommen auf der privaten Homepage von Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Österreich.

It’s out in the wild. Convert your WordPress 2.x installation into a full featured photoblog in virtually no time. Use the full range of WordPress functions and plugins: Benefit from the big community WordPress has to offer.

What is YAPB / What can you expect?

  • A non invasive WordPress-plugin that converts wp into a easy useable photoblog system
  • Easy image upload – All wordpress post-features can be used
  • On the fly thumbnail generation – Use multiple thumbnail sizes where and when you need them: Thumbnail generation gets controlled from the template.
  • EXIF data processing and output
  • Self-learning EXIF filter – Your own cameras tags can be selected to be viewed.
  • Full i18n-Support through gnutext mo/po files
  • YAPB Plugin Infrastructure for extended functionality
  • Ping additional update-service-sites when posting a photoblog entry.
  • Nearly every WP-theme can become a photoblog in virtually no time.

You’ll get a photoblog system based on wordpress – Decide if you want to post a normal WordPress article or a photoblog entry. Be free to use all available extensions / plugins of the WordPress platform ;-)

3 Steps to your WordPress Photoblog

Why another photoblog system?

There aren’t many open source photoblog systems out there in the wild. I searched a long time and found only few. Evaluated all of them and decided to program one on myself, since none of them met my demands. I did that about three times – Every version was build up from the scratch. Every version was better and much more flexible. More cool and finally more proprietary.

Every time i saw a feature in another blog system that i wanted to have – i had to spend much of my rare spare time to design, program and integrate it into my own photoblog system. After implementing some features like captcha, ping and trackback, etc. etc. i decided that this was just a waste of time.

There already was a system out there having lot’s of features and a huge community: WordPress. Yapb is my try to build on a wide spread platform – And to get what i want – As a photographer and programmer.

Why not use services like Flickr, Deviantart, etc. etc. ?

Why hazzle with renting a suitable webhost, installing a photoblog software, configuring the whole stuff, eventually solve problems, searching and installing a cool theme, etc. etc. – If i can have it all (and more) with one click at Flickr, Deviantart, etc. etc. ?

I’m only able to give you a hint on my opinion why i don’t want to host my images on such a service. Fortunately, for the impatient among us, it can be told with only three (and a half) words:

It’s my image.

Post your image on a foreign server and you’ll never be exactly sure what rights you have on your own images until you’re a better laywer than the one hired by your prefered photo community. One nice example: Flickr was sold to Yahoo AFTER they had tens of thousands users and hosted millions of images. If you’re posting images to flickr right now – Do you EXACTLY know, what rights Yahoo currently owns on YOUR images?

If this is perfectly ok for you – Go on and use those communities! After givin away your personal data, you will have an account for free and no hazzle with setting up your own photoblog. There are thousands of users just waiting for you!

Technically spoken

Yapb integrates tightly into wordpress. Via Javascript DOM manipulation it injects several form additions into the standard wordpress post form. It provides additional data and functions to themes so that nearly every theme can be converted to a photoblog in virtually no time. Yapb doesn’t touch original wordpress code – It’s using it.

Support YAPB

Do you like YAPB? Do you use it regulary to show your photos or images? Did YAPB save you time? Or you just want to give something back for the time spent to create, maintain and support YAPB? Just Donate a little ammount so i may buy a good book, DVD, etc. or just pay some server traffic. Bigger ammounts (if any) will be invested in my photo equipment of course ;-)

[paypal-donation purpose=“A donation for Yet-Another-Photoblog“ reference=“Supporting Open Source“]

Five Hundred Fifty Replies

  1. 23. Januar 2013, 21:48
    Comment by mana
    hey there! thanks for your plug in I ve been using it for 3 years now. Yesterday Ive updated it and suddenly the images on the home are not being displaying anymore... any clue? can you help me on this?
  2. 26. Januar 2013, 01:21
    Comment by mana
    hi! Ive been using your plug in for 3 years now but as soon as I updated wp to version 3.5.1 the pictures at the home have gone.. please help me!!!
  3. 2. März 2013, 08:39
    Comment by Johnson

    Is there anyway to remove the .jpg that appears in post titles, after uploading images using the YAPB Bulk Uploader ?

    I do want the post title to have the same as the image file name, but without the .jpg at the end.

    If anyone knows how, please leave a reply

  4. 10. März 2013, 19:17
    Comment by Patrick Lynch`
    I am having 2 problems (they may be related)
    First, when I add an image when writing a post, and then preview it always puts up a page saying file not found, but the image is uploaded and available.

    Second, Images are not showing up on the home page, nor on mosaics page.

  5. 11. März 2013, 09:15
    Comment by Patrick Lynch`
    I am also having a problem with YAPB Bulk uploader.

    I select the images I want to upload, and then each of them as it tries to uplad returns an error, of file not found.
  6. 14. März 2013, 14:54
    Comment by Al Ferreira
    I have not been able to have the blog image show up in the Feedburner RSS feed. I've been trying to troubleshoot for a while but one thing mentioned is that the image link was better if it was an absolute link, not relative.
    Is there a way to change this?

    Thanks in advance
  7. 21. Oktober 2013, 01:14
    Comment by George Waterman
    Having a huge issue here and it's keeping me from launching the site.
    When I click on the category link that I have applied my posts to I get nothing. I get the header for the category but absolutely nothing is showing of the posts. I currently have 8 and I'm getting nothing except for the next buttons at the bottom. Same thing is happening when I click the tag links.
  8. 30. Juli 2014, 15:09
    Comment by Paul B. Taubman, II
    When I run a scan via Sucuri, I get the message:

    File possibly compromised: ./wp-content/plugins/yet-another-photoblog/lib/Savant2-2.4.3/Savant2/tests/templates/compile_bad.tpl.php (php.exploit.sysinfo.001.02). Manual review recommended.

    anything 'suspicious' in that file that would cause that?

  9. 27. August 2014, 12:31
    Comment by Wordpress Form Validation
    YAPB is definitely a perfect solution if you want to turn your simple blog into an impressive photoblog. Dear developers, you're worth being donated :)
  10. 29. September 2014, 09:33
    Comment by Paul B. Taubman, II
    My sites are montiored for suspicious files. One of the files in YAPB gets flagged:

    Is this OK?

    • 17. Oktober 2014, 09:48
      Comment by Johannes
      Hi Paul - That's an original file of savant: nothing to worry about.

      br from Salzburg,

      - Johannes

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