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Your own photo mosaic page with WordPress and Yet Another Photoblog

You’re using YAPB, you want to create or use your own theme and now you’re stuck on how to create a mosaic page featuring all your photos? Thanks god – Here’s a post describing exactly that topic ;-) Mehr lesen …

Yet Another Photoblog goes BETA!

It’s official – YAPB is BETA and downloadable. If you’re interested in turning your WordPress blog into a photoblog, just download the plugin and try for yourself. I think this approach to photoblogging is somehow unique – You can post photoblog posts, display thumbnails and EXIF data – And you’re still able to use the full potential of wordpress and it’s bunch of plugins.

Happy blogging and don’t forget: It’s still BETA and i’d appreciate positive and/or negative feedback very much!

Yet Another Photoblog goes alpha!

Finally – My wp-plugin "Yet another Photoblog" goes alpha. What does that mean? Well – I’m programming on a photoblog-conversion Plugin for WordPress for a while now and a alpha version is installed on this site since this morning.

What is Yapb? What can you expect?

  • A non invasive WP-plugin that converts wp into a easy useable photoblog system
  • Easy image upload – All wordpress post-features can be used
  • On the fly thumbnail generation – You can use multiple thumbnail sizes as you need them: Thumbnail generation is now part of the template
  • Exif data processing and output

The idea
There aren’t many open source photoblog systems out there in the wild. I searched a long time and found only few. Evaluated all of them and decided to program one on myself, since none of them meet my demands. I did that about three times – Every version was build up from the scratch. Every version was better and more flexible. More cool and finally more proprietary.

Every time i saw a feature in another blog system that i wanted to have – i had to spend much of my rare spare time to design, program and integrate it into my own photoblog system. After impelenting some features i decided that this was a waste of time.

There already was a system having lot’s of features and a huge community: WordPress. Yapb is my try to build on a wide spread platform – And to get what i want – As a photographer and programmer.

Technical spoken
Yapb integrates tightly into wordpress. Via Javascript DOM manipulation it injects several form additions into the standard wordpress post form. It provides additional data and fnctions to themes so that nearly every theme can be converted to a photoblog in virtually no time. Yapb doesn’t touch original wordpress code. You can decide if you want to write a normal WordPress Text-Post or if you want to post an image. etc. etc.

What’s next? Nearly all pics you see on this blog are posted over Yapb. Now it’s only a matter of time that a installable version get’s released.