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WordPress Theme Relaunch, die zweite

Man glaubt es kaum – Aber ich wechsle mein Themes anscheinend öfters als meine Unterhosen ;-)

Nein, um wieder zum Ernst der Sache zu kommen: Das letzte Theme war wohl ein dunkler Patzer in meinem CV und die zentrale Layouttabelle hat mich auch massiv gestört – Nicht aus Prinzip, sondern weil Layouttabellen massiv die Anzeigezeit in die Länge ziehen können. Also bin ich frisch ans Werk gegangen und habe mich CSS- und Internet Explorer mäßig wieder auf den neuesten Stand gebracht.

Ich möchte diesmal ganz besonders 2 Plugins erwähnen, die von nun an nicht mehr von meiner Seite weichen sollen:

Zusätzlich basiert mein Theme nun auf einem CSS Framework, dass ich ebenfalls hervorheben möchte: YAML ist nicht nur ein Framework für 2- bzw. 3-Column Straight-CSS-Layouts, sondern auch ein CSS-Tutorial und -Lehrbuch aller erster Güte.

Ich hoffe, es gefällt.


Jerome’s presenting keywords BETA 2

Hah – finally jerome’s presenting his tagging plugin in second version. I downloaded the plugin and installed it like jerome wanted to. Oddly it doesn’t create a database on activation so i’ve to stick with his 1.9 version and my puny keywords-manager addition.

Jerome: Since my comment entries doesn’t appear on your blog i hope you read this:
After looking through your code, I think you released a version without the activation-hook-code. Can’t find the promised tag-migration code either. Maybe you could post the sql code for the table so we can create it manually if you don’t have time for a second release right now.

The rest of the code looks very promising:

  • Tag management (Oh no, my management plugin is deprecated ;-)
  • Tags get saved in normalized form in a seperate table (Say hello to performance)
  • A biiig options page
  • etc. etc.

Hope we’ll see the correct release soon – One centralized plugin is always better than a bunch of them.

Jerome’s Keyword Manager – Final Destination

Finally – This should be it. After reports of bugs nearly to big for such a small plugin i’ve rewritten the original sql clause with a little bit better one. Now we should have Jerome’s Keywords Manager – Final Destination.

Download the (i hope) final version:

Internal name: final destination

For the more technical fraction of my growing fan-community:
The original sql clause to retrieve posts with an specific assigned keyword was formulated to generally and reported to many results. A basic "attribute LIKE %keyword%" wasn’t correct in this case.


Chip showed me this example: We have lot’s of posts tagged with the keyword "c" (programming language). After selecting the keyword in the Jerome’s Keywords Manager overview page, all posts having assigned keywords with the letter "c" would be shown on the edit page (like "cocaine", "furuncle", "canalisation", "canabalismn" and so on). urg.

Since jerome decided to save assigned keywords as a comma-seperated list (straight without spaces in between) the SQL-Clause was redefined easely:

attribute LIKE ‘keyword,%’ OR
attribute LIKE ‘%,keyword’ OR
attribute LIKE ‘%,keyword,%’ OR
attribute = ‘keyword’

This should catch all cases.

Jerome’s keywords manager – The next generation

The next version of Jerome’s keyword manager includes two new features asked by mike:

  • In the list of all articles that use a specific keyword, you see and select all other used keywords of these articles
  • A new page showing all posts/pages having no keywords assigned at all

Additionally i finished the rudimenitary i18n code with help from Juice, who showed me some nice tricks with his sample code. Beside of his v2 korean language file i provide a full v3 german language translation file.

Screenshots of the new features: [mygal=jeromes-keywords-manager-v3]

Download and enjoy:


This looks like a stable and mature plugin now – I don’t think it needs further enhancements *wink, wink*.
Ok, ok – There’s still this ugly SQL-LIKE-Statement – I’ll soon release jeromes-keywords-manager – the final destination.

Jerome’s keywords manager v2

Advanced, advanced. Since Mike asked for it: Here is the fabulous new version of Jerome’s keyword manager with full personal article control. This advanced version of the plugin shows a list of all articles that are tagged with the chosen keywords.

 Jerome’s keywords manager v2

One little step for me, one big step for mankind.

Jerome’s Keywords Manager

Even if Jerome’s Keywords is a very, very nice and useful wp-plugin – I still missed something. How could i update previously entered tags without editing every single post?

The solution:

The marvelous jeromes-keyword-manager ;-)
Version 2 of the plugin – Short Description can be found here.
Version 3 of the plugin – Look here for further information.
Version 4 of the plugin (Developement name: Final destination) – more info

Language files as far as i know:

Language Contributor Link
German Johannes Included in download
Korean Juice http://lombric.linuxstudy.pe.kr/PDS/jeromes-keywords-manager-ko_KR.zip
Japanese Plasticdreams http://plasticdreams.org/uploads/projects/jeromes-keyword-manager-lang-ja_JP.zip

Screens for V3:

The plugin allows to edit, replace or delete tags over all posts.
Hope this will help to spread the tagcloud idea ;-)


How do i install a wp-plugin? Instead of repeating the old rtfm phrase i’ll explain the veeery complicated way to install one:

  1. Unzip the files into an empty directory
  2. Upload the file and directory directly into the wp-content/plugins folder of your wp-installation
  3. Go to admin panel / plugins and activate it
  4. Enjoy!