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bullshit-tennis-2013A new game arose on the gamefield of boring team webinars or online meetings: bullshit tennis.

This article helps you start into a joyful future where every meeting is a chance to improve your gameplay. Just follow those few steps and you’re up and running:

Find a playing partner

Every serious sports-competition needs a worthy opponent: find an associate evenly bored by the meeting you’re both attending to.

Establish a secondary channel of communication

If the meeting gets handled via skype, contact your game partner via icq, google talk or any other plattform allowing live communication. If everything is blocked by your administrator, change to plan B: text each other with your mobiles.

Start the game with the first serve

The player starting the game serves the first bullshit term and communicates it on the secondary channel:

player1 > SERVE: "project evaluation"

Return the term

The second player now has to return cleanly by mentioning the served term in the meeting or by including it in a question:

"Was this topic covered during PROJECT EVALUATION?"

Agree on the score and continue the match

Both players use the secondary communication channel to agree over the earned point:

player1 > Well played!
player2 > 1:0 ?
player1 > yes, 1:0 - your service

Player 2 now has the service and serves his bullshit term.


Winner is the player returning most of the terms in the meeting/webinar.


  • For much more intensive games, agree on a time limit in which each player has to return the phrase after it was served (bullshit is best served fast).
  • Play doubles: Two players on each side trying to return the served term in time; points get counted for the team
  • Term is unrelated: The more unrelated the term – the harder the clean return
  • Keep on topic – there is not much fun in complete-off-topic bullshitting

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