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As side-product to my commercial or open source work, i often create prototypes. The WordPress plugin Inline Mediaupload is the elaborated result of a feasability study for the next generation of my plugin Yet-Another-Photoblog (YAPB). In this study i verified that the new WordPress 3.3 Media Upload Feature may be directly integrated into the normal post/page edit form.

WordPress Media Upload has grown mature

The WordPress Media Upload has grown up: Since version 3.3 there is only one button left on the edit form – A big usability plus. Additionally, the lightbox/iframe integration now supports drag&drop uploads with modern browsers (firefox, chrome) and an acceptable multiple file upload for the rest of the browser-bunch.

One step forward

One of my intentions for YAPB was to make the fileupload as easy as can be. For a photoblog, the image upload was the most important thing just after entering the title. So i introduced a new file-upload meta-box just below the title on post/page add/edit forms. Over the years, I got a lot of positive feedback regarding this feature and i planned to keep with this with the next generation of the plugin, which will probably use the native WordPress fileupload-feature so everything becomes much more standardized.

WordPress Inline Mediaupload

Inline Mediaupload also introduces a new meta-box on post/page forms which directly contains the media-upload.php iframe otherwise only reachable via button/lightbox:

The iframe automatically resizes smoothly with its inner content thus hiding the iframe-nature of the content.

Additionally, the plugin introduces a new meta-box area to the forms allowing you to move any meta-box just below the title input field – that’s just my personal favorite location for placing the new upload-box ;-)

Support Open Source

If you like this plugin and want to honor the time I spent in creating/elaborating/updating it since December 2011 – Feel free to donate a small ammount via Paypal!

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Three Replies

  1. 3. April 2012, 10:57
    Comment by mathieu
    OMG - does this mean you are planning a big YAPB update? Very exciting and will donate to keep your motivation (and/or coffee supplies) high!

    Also, if you find some time, getting the forum back up and running would help us (the YAPB community) help each other.

    Keep up the fantastic work!
  2. 16. September 2012, 22:51
    Comment by Lesley
    Thankyou for creating this wonderful plugin! I have one question. The plugin is being applied to my posts/pages, however i have a theme that creates a special portfolio section. I am having trouble uploading insert media, and thought the inline mediaupload would fix this, however its not being applied to this Portfolio upload section. Any suggestion!!??

  3. 19. Februar 2013, 14:56
    Comment by Christian
    Looks very promising. Using the native media upload from WP in YAPB, would be a very positive addition. Also it would fix several incompatibilities with other plugins, which use the media library as primary source to get image info.
    Any plans to release the new version soon?

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