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Today logged into my servers bash shell, in a moment of complete silence, i found this lovely haiku:

# man
What manual page do you want?
# man what

After meditating a bit, i found this one to be convincing too:

# man
What manual page do you want?
# man yes

Please be adviced not to laugh if you don’t get it.

Two Replies

  1. 29. April 2008, 11:14
    Comment by stratosg
    i didn't know that there is a yes command.... "yes - output a string repeatedly until killed", what can a programmer with plenty of time in his hands can do :D:D:D
    • 29. April 2008, 11:45
      Comment by Johannes
      It's the zenishness of the yes command in the special meaningful context that makes the second haiku so lovely - but don't interpret too much into it - Just enjoy the simplicity of the words young apprentice.


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