Das Nikkor 180mm f2.8 in Aktion. Beim Betrachten am Rechner entfährt mir ein kleines "ohmygosh". Die Abbildungsleistung ist großartig.

The Nikkor 180mm f2.8 in action. On viewing the image on my machine i howl out a little "ohmygosh". The imaging quality is superb.

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  1. 20. March 2007, 17:54
    Comment by Yannis (John) Mallidis
    The cat picture is amazing!!! Excellent lens but also good technique!!! Was it shot as a Neff (RAW) image? John

    Hi Yannis - I didn't use RAW - It's just a jpeg.
  2. 21. March 2007, 05:49
    Comment by AG
    Spectacular imaging here with that 180 f/2.8 . . I find it the very best for exploiting that shallow DOF-effect. For light weight, I tend to now use my 55-200 rather too much but the 180 is a superb, razor-sharp lens.

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