Willkommen auf der privaten Homepage von Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Österreich. Welcome to the private homepage of Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Austria, Europe.

Hah – finally jerome’s presenting his tagging plugin in second version. I downloaded the plugin and installed it like jerome wanted to. Oddly it doesn’t create a database on activation so i’ve to stick with his 1.9 version and my puny keywords-manager addition.

Jerome: Since my comment entries doesn’t appear on your blog i hope you read this:
After looking through your code, I think you released a version without the activation-hook-code. Can’t find the promised tag-migration code either. Maybe you could post the sql code for the table so we can create it manually if you don’t have time for a second release right now.

The rest of the code looks very promising:

  • Tag management (Oh no, my management plugin is deprecated ;-)
  • Tags get saved in normalized form in a seperate table (Say hello to performance)
  • A biiig options page
  • etc. etc.

Hope we’ll see the correct release soon – One centralized plugin is always better than a bunch of them.

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