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Finally – This should be it. After reports of bugs nearly to big for such a small plugin i’ve rewritten the original sql clause with a little bit better one. Now we should have Jerome’s Keywords Manager – Final Destination.

Download the (i hope) final version:

Internal name: final destination

For the more technical fraction of my growing fan-community:
The original sql clause to retrieve posts with an specific assigned keyword was formulated to generally and reported to many results. A basic "attribute LIKE %keyword%" wasn’t correct in this case.


Chip showed me this example: We have lot’s of posts tagged with the keyword "c" (programming language). After selecting the keyword in the Jerome’s Keywords Manager overview page, all posts having assigned keywords with the letter "c" would be shown on the edit page (like "cocaine", "furuncle", "canalisation", "canabalismn" and so on). urg.

Since jerome decided to save assigned keywords as a comma-seperated list (straight without spaces in between) the SQL-Clause was redefined easely:

attribute LIKE ‘keyword,%’ OR
attribute LIKE ‘%,keyword’ OR
attribute LIKE ‘%,keyword,%’ OR
attribute = ‘keyword’

This should catch all cases.

Elf Antworten

  1. 5. July 2006, 18:29
    Comment by Sterling Camden
    Johannes, I got some sort of PHP error with the new plugin. It just produces a blank page (dies after the dashboard menus) in Manage/Jerome's Keywords. I'll try to better identify the failure.
  2. 5. July 2006, 18:34
    Comment by Sterling Camden
    Here it is: 'WHERE meta_key=\'keywords\' AND (" Mismatched quotes (caught by SlickEdit syntax highlighting)

    Oops ;-) The new .zip is online... Seemed that my brain was a little bit overheated by this summers temperatures.
  3. 30. November 2006, 18:44
    Comment by Jan
    Ich habe Wordpress 2.0.5, Jerome' Keywords 1.9 und den Manager 4. Beim Klick auf Verwalten -> Jerome's Keywords gibt es nur eine leere Seite. Testkeywords sind vorhanden. Ich stehe vor einem Brezel… Bin für jede Tipp dankbar. Die Dateien habe ich alle wie beschrieben eingespielt. Mh.

    Hi Jan - Kein Brezel, sondern ein Versionsvermurkse. Mein Keyword-Manager funktioniert nur bis Jerome's Keywords 1.9 - Jerome wollte den Manager in die 2.x Version einbauen, hat sich dann aber nicht mehr gerührt. Sobald ich mal wieder etwas Zeit zur Verfügung habe, werde ich das 2.x-Plugin wieder als eigenständige Version herausbringen.

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