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The next version of Jerome’s keyword manager includes two new features asked by mike:

  • In the list of all articles that use a specific keyword, you see and select all other used keywords of these articles
  • A new page showing all posts/pages having no keywords assigned at all

Additionally i finished the rudimenitary i18n code with help from Juice, who showed me some nice tricks with his sample code. Beside of his v2 korean language file i provide a full v3 german language translation file.

Screenshots of the new features: [mygal=jeromes-keywords-manager-v3]

Download and enjoy:


This looks like a stable and mature plugin now – I don’t think it needs further enhancements *wink, wink*.
Ok, ok – There’s still this ugly SQL-LIKE-Statement – I’ll soon release jeromes-keywords-manager – the final destination.

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  1. 3. July 2006, 13:21
    Comment by Mike
    Thanks for the changes! I'll install it today and let you know how everything works out.

  2. 3. July 2006, 16:15
    Comment by Mike

    This plugin rocks! It works perfectly. I had a bunch of old posts needing tagging. I also like the listing of all the keywords used in the post usage and by clicking on the keyword it takes you to that keyword listing.

    It definitely improves the usage of Jerome's Keywords in Wordpress. Combined with the keywords-tagcloud widget by Chip, we have a winning combination. Thank you for making these changes.

  3. 25. October 2006, 03:31
    Comment by roy
    korean language file

    thank you very much~~~~~.

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