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Advanced, advanced. Since Mike asked for it: Here is the fabulous new version of Jerome’s keyword manager with full personal article control. This advanced version of the plugin shows a list of all articles that are tagged with the chosen keywords.

 Jerome’s keywords manager v2

One little step for me, one big step for mankind.

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  1. 23. June 2006, 13:00
    Comment by Mike

    Johannes, Thanks for the quick response of the plugin changes. This works great. I can now see what posts uses the tags and make adjustments to my original tagging. Keep on the good work! Mike

    thanks for the nice feedback!

  2. 24. June 2006, 05:22
    Comment by Mike
    Johannes, I have another enhancement for you. It would be great to have the ability to see what posts don't have any keywords set. I either forgot to enter the tag when I posted or by using your plugin manager, I deleted the keyword and now the post has none set. With this function I could then go and tag these posts Related to this and perhaps an enhancement to version 2, is when the list of posts using the keyword are shown, seeing all the keywords for each post would be nice. You could then make better decisions on the retagging, deleting etc of each post. Mike

    This plugin get's bigger and bigger - I'll have a look as soon i've time. Shouldn't be a big hazzle. But i see that information not only in the plugin-screen but in the default article admin mask too. Let's see what i can do.
  3. 29. June 2006, 06:44
    Comment by Juice
    I am Korean. Sorry.... i can not english ^_________^ I modify in order for the language to become support of Your plugin Jerome’s keywords manager v2 here Download http://lombric.linuxstudy.pe.kr/PDS/jeromes-keywords-manager-v2-support_lang.zip very use Full! Thank you!~

    Thanks for the contribution - Version 3 of the manager now includes i18n support and your v2 language file.
  4. 29. June 2006, 08:50
    Comment by Liew
    I have uploaded the files and activate it. But when I go to the 'manage' area, I got this error: Jerome's keywords plugin doesn't seem to be installed or activated. Please advice. Thanks.

    Did you install jerome's keywords plugin? The manager is only an extension to this useful tagging plugin...

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