Willkommen auf der privaten Homepage von Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Österreich. Welcome to the private homepage of Johannes Jarolim, Salzburg, Austria, Europe.

Even if Jerome’s Keywords is a very, very nice and useful wp-plugin – I still missed something. How could i update previously entered tags without editing every single post?

The solution:

The marvelous jeromes-keyword-manager ;-)
Version 2 of the plugin – Short Description can be found here.
Version 3 of the plugin – Look here for further information.
Version 4 of the plugin (Developement name: Final destination) – more info

Language files as far as i know:

Language Contributor Link
German Johannes Included in download
Korean Juice http://lombric.linuxstudy.pe.kr/PDS/jeromes-keywords-manager-ko_KR.zip
Japanese Plasticdreams http://plasticdreams.org/uploads/projects/jeromes-keyword-manager-lang-ja_JP.zip

Screens for V3:

The plugin allows to edit, replace or delete tags over all posts.
Hope this will help to spread the tagcloud idea ;-)


How do i install a wp-plugin? Instead of repeating the old rtfm phrase i’ll explain the veeery complicated way to install one:

  1. Unzip the files into an empty directory
  2. Upload the file and directory directly into the wp-content/plugins folder of your wp-installation
  3. Go to admin panel / plugins and activate it
  4. Enjoy!

Dreiundzwanzig Antworten

  1. 27. May 2006, 16:39
    Comment by Matthaios
    Fantastic plugin, really needed this! Thank you.
  2. 2. June 2006, 11:04
    Comment by G.M. Knowles
    I have an issue, if you can please help. I just installed the pluging to clean up some misnamed tags. I am getting the cloud displayed, but when I click on a keyword, I am not getting to the edit option. Here is an example of the url I am getting. http://www.mycatholicblog.net/wp-admin/...

    The link looks okay - the plugin should show you the edit-tag-page. What do you see instead?
  3. 2. June 2006, 14:06
    Comment by G.M. Knowles
    What I saw was only the blank Wordpress page. I picked up Jerome's version enhanced dated Feb 06' and replaced Jerome's standard dated Dec 05'. And now your plugin works great. Thanks

    Always happy to provide working solutions - Have fun and enjoy tagging.
  4. 22. June 2006, 13:40
    Comment by Mike
    I love your plugin. It has allowed me to clean up a bunch of my keywords that I had multiple variations of. I found this widget plugin http://www.chipstips.com/showtopic.asp?topic=phptagcloud that works great with Jerome's Keywords and your manager. One feature that would be great is if I could click on a keyword and see what posts are using it. Where I have 1 or 2 uses I would like to possibly change the keyword to make use of more widely used one (and eliminate the single usage), but after hundreds of posts, I have no idea where I used it.

    Thanks for your nice feedback - You'll find an advanced version of the plugin here.
  5. 1. July 2006, 19:06
    Comment by Reven
    Thanks!!!! Thank you very very much! You don't know how happy you've made me with this plugin. My tags where out of control. Great work!

    Thanks for your nice feedback! You may be interested in version 3 of the plugin.
  6. 4. October 2006, 17:48
    Comment by Martin
    Sag mal Johannes, weißt Du zufällig ob schon jemand deinen Manager mit Jeremes Keywords 2.0 beta im Einsatz?

    Glaub ich nicht - Würde auch nicht funktionieren, da Jerome einiges geändert hat. Ich habe allerdings schon eine BETA 2 - Version programmiert und an Jerome geschickt. Er hatte danach gefragt und wollte es integrieren.... Allerdings ist er schlichtweg nicht mehr erreichbar seitdem - Keine Ahnung derzeit, wie es weitergehen soll... Wenn sich Jerome nicht mehr meldet, werde ich das Plugin wohl wieder als eigenständige Version zur Verfügung stellen.
  7. 10. November 2006, 21:09
    Comment by Stephan Hertz
    Ich installiere es jetzt auf einem "frischen" Blog, der erst in ein paar Tagen online publiziert wird. In 2 Tagen liefere ich einen Testbericht ab...
  8. 15. December 2006, 00:31
    Comment by Brian Bonner

    For some reason it does not show up in my plugins and I checked it is in my plugin folder, any help?

    Hi Brian - Please make sure that ALL files where uploaded correctly to your host. This problem sometimes occur if not all files were uploaded. Secondly: Do you use WP 2.x? You won't be able to use YAPB on WordPress 1.5.x or lower.

  9. 24. December 2006, 21:31
    Comment by Dries
    Hey man.
    I'm currenlty busy on my blog but I just want to say this..
    This script is absolutely perfect and exactly what I was looking for!
    I'm glad someone made it, thank you!

    Kind regards,


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